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Concierge Medicine is somewhat of a new concept in exceptional healthcare. To help our patients understand the high level of care they will receive here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Will I have to pay a co-pay when visiting my doctor at RCIPM?
RCIPM does not collect co-pays.

Are there any additional fees outside the standard membership fee?
We will pass our cost for vaccinations/injections on to our patients. We will provide a statement for this cost should the patient wish to submit this for reimbursement from insurance/Medicare. Otherwise, no additional fees.

If I have existing relationships with specialists, will my doctor at RCIPM work with them to collaborate in my care?
Our physicians will work closely with any specialists with whom our patients have relationships. Additionally, we have an extensive network of excellent specialists we refer to regularly and are happy to assist our patients in finding the right fit. In certain circumstances, our physicians will accompany patients to visit specialists to ensure all questions are asked and answered and there is no conflict in recommendations.

What will my insurance/Medicare be billed for?
Your insurance/Medicare will be billed for lab work (even if drawn in our office), diagnostic studies, hospital visits and specialist short, for any services provided by an outside facility. Your insurance/Medicare will not be billed for our annual membership fee.

Will my doctor at RCIPM provide care for me in the hospital?
Our physicians have privileges at Rose Medical Center, Sky Ridge Medical Center and Swedish Medical Center. They can manage your care at any one of these facilities and will routinely visit and receive updates on your condition.

Can I submit the membership fee to my insurance/Medicare?
Typically, insurance/Medicare will not cover the membership fee.

Can I apply my FSA or HSA funds towards the membership fee?
Many of our patients utilize their FSA or HSA accounts to cover the membership fee. We are happy to provide statements that cater to the specific needs of these types of accounts.