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We are extremely proud of the relationships we have with our patients and are grateful for their kind words.

As a nurse practitioner, I have seen many types of physicians but Dr. Cohen is different. Over the years I have sent him many patients and became one myself. He has been ever so kind to me through thick and thin. I have appreciated his conscientious care and wish all my patients could have a "Dr. Cohen" as their physician. —Sharon Joseph
Dr. Cohen has been the primary-care physician for my family and me for many years, and we think the world of him. He not only has helped us through medical problems as they have arisen, but has practiced preventive medicine that includes advice about vitamins, diet, exercise and lifestyle. And he has done it all with a great bedside manner. —Malcolm Wheeler
Dr. Cohen is not only a top rate doctor here in Denver. He is also a very compassionate man and has an incredible amount of empathy for his patients. He knows his patients by name not by social security number. His front office and his nurses always treat you like a person they know, not a patient.

Dr. Cohen is a rarity; this is for sure. Not only is he a wonderful doctor but also he is a man with principals. I promise you, you will never regret joining Dr. Cohen's concierge practice. If you expect the best, you'll get the best. —Esther Kirsch
I am delighted with the new format of Dr. Cohen's medical practice. Dr. Cohen has always had a wonderful demeanor in dealing with patients. Now, by limiting the number of patients in his new practice and implementing other changes, he and his staff have the time to establish strong physician-patient relationships where communication and responsiveness are priorities. It is great to have a doctor who has the time and desire to provide the highest quality medical care. —Stefan Stein
We have known Brent for many years. He has always been a caring and helpful physician. He has excellent diagnostic skills and a great bedside manner. We credit Brent with spotting Patti's cancer when other physicians had missed the call. While Brent has always been responsive and accessible, he had a very large and busy practice. We particularly appreciate his new concierge practice because it affords his patients greater access and affords him the ability to spend more time dealing with our concerns. —Patti & Steven Kaufmann
While other doctors have diagnosed issues such as bone density and vitamin deficiency, you are the only person who actually followed through and was able to motivate my wife to do the right things for her own health. Perhaps she was ready, perhaps it is you and your "approach". Regardless, it is good. Thank you! —Rich & Rhoda Colman
In an ever shrinking world, extended travel and time away from home are inevitable. Thankfully, Renaissance Center is my healthcare provider, which means 24 hours a day 7 days a week I can reach someone. As a result, prescriptions, when needed, are over-nighted to me any place in the world and all other medical procedures can be scheduled on short notice for the rare times I AM in town. —Dean Bonham