Welcome to a new and exciting concept in healthcare and preventative medicine.

At Renaissance we are committed to making a difference in the way you take charge of your health. We believe that medicine works best when it’s proactive: when it seeks to identify and modify health risk factors before they develop into symptoms. Specifically, we promote an approach to securing good health that includes strong participation on the part of the patient and fosters doctor-patient alliances through unhurried evaluations and thorough discussions of key issues.

Unfortunately, our current healthcare system is not conducive to this type of relationship. While today’s healthcare offers technological benefits that are near-miracles, large volumes of patients and ever-rising costs of running a medical practice force many doctors into a position where they must treat patients as numbers. The result is a healthcare system that is reactive and often impersonal.

Our solution is an outstanding concierge medical practice, in which we accept only a limited number of patients so that we can provide the kind of individualized care that works. As a member of Renaissance Center for Internal and Preventative Medicine, you’ll find that quality, “old-fashioned” care doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. We truly believe you’ll find your membership with Renaissance to be one of the best health investments you’ve ever made.

A shift of the paradigm…
revival, rebirth, the renaissance of healthcare.