We would like to personally invite you to learn more about Renaissance Center for Internal and Preventative Medicine and a level of care you never thought possible.

As experienced and dedicated physicians, we have had years to reflect on our roles in the healthcare system. Over the years we have seen that modern healthcare, for all it’s wonders, has at times forgotten the importance that “care” and a truly “personal touch” has on well-being. Additionally, we realize the relationships we share with our patients and their families are the most satisfying aspect of being a primary care doctor.

We created Renaissance Center for Internal and Preventative Medicine to provide our patients the best medical care available. Our focus is on preventative medicine and treatment plans that are proactive and personalized, combining the best of modern medicine with old-fashioned care, in the setting of exceptional service.

Brent Cohen, MD
Founder & President
Award-winning Physician

Christopher E. Ricca, MD
Award-winning Physician